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Alliance Resource Products/Web Solutions

Organizations looking to calculate the measures of success within their HR departments will be looking to increase productivity and add business value. Our HRM System is a "high performance work system" featuring; organization customization, a secure HIPPA compliant web connection, individual screens for tracking employees/positions/compensation history/benefits plans/ retirement plans/performance management/training history and applicant tracking.

This system provides:


A easy to use interface


Quick access to employee information (no more running to get the file)


Custom reports allow you to select the information you are looking for to get exactly what you need


Web-based design


Custom built for every companies needs


Doesn't cost an arm or leg or any other body part, priced to be a great HR solution


Uses the latest technology for security and privacy from web-based products like E-Commerce and online data storage.


Use our server or have it installed on your PC

Walk through a short demonstation or power point presentation to get a closer look. When your ready to truely evaulate the product, give us a call and we can walk you through a "Live Demo" of actually using our test company, ready and online today or email us at

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